Carroll Heart Center  

Comprehensive Cardiac Care

Carroll Heart Center

700A Poole Road  Westminster, MD  21157  (410) 848-5250

Carroll Heart Center is focused on providing high quality, personalized cardiac and medical care. Our practice has been in Westminster for over 35 years and well established within the community. We work hard to accommodate all of our patients' needs and always strive to provide the latest advances in medical care.  We are a multispecialty group made up of three physicians and a physician assistant providing both cardiology and internal medicine services. 

Our Cardiology Practice 

We focus on diagnosing and treating acute cardiac problems but also believe in the importance of reducing the risk of future cardiovascular conditions. We offer a wide range of diagnostic and screening tests that assess the presence and risk of heart disease, peripheral arterial disease, stroke, rhythm problems and heart failure.  All of the recommended tests are either provided in our office or at a local center for convenient access to highly specialized cardiac testing.  Please click on the Services tab above for more information on different types of testing.


Internal Medicine/Primary Care

686 Poole Road  Westminster, MD  21157  (443) 289-8286

Primary care is also part of our practice.  Dr. Shankar Naganna is an internist and proactive in addressing all general medical issues.  Dr. Vimala Naganna is a General Practitioner with over 35 years of experience.  Major areas of focus include screening for and treating the following:

High blood pressure

High cholesterol


Heart disease

Lung disease



Vein Clinic

We provide in-office screening to diagnose chronic venous insufficiency that can be the cause of spider veins, varicose veins, and sometimes skin ulceration.  For appropriate patients we also recommend  treatment of abnormal veins with an outpatient office based procedure in which the abnormal vein is closed.  Please click on the Vein Clinic tab above for a patient self-assessment, FAQs and more general information about diagnosis and treatment for significant chronic venous insufficiency.

Carroll Precision Imaging Center

680 Poole Road  Westminster, MD  21157  (410) 871-0102

Our imaging center is located within our office complex at the Poole Road Medical Center.  Our cardiac PET stress tests are performed here under the supervision of our cardiologists. We also perform oncology FDG PET scans which help diagnose and determine response to treatment for certain types of cancer.  These studies are reviewed and interpreted by a group of radiologists specially trained in reading FDG PET scans.  

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